May 24, 2018

Circular Saw Blade Examples

Here's a useful list of different circular saw blades and their functions:

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Can You Really Waterproof A Pool Table?

A common question among pool players is whether or not you can waterproof a pool table.

The short answer is no. There is no sufficient cover that will keep it
immune from the elements.

Can You Waterproof A Pool Table?

If you're wanting to keep your pool table outdoors, I would definitely advise against it. Below, I will go over the possible effects of keeping your pool table outdoors.


Over time, a pool table kept outdoors, particularly in environments with cold winters and hot summers, will warp and lose its straight levels. The balls will start going all over the place and not where aimed.

The wood expands and contracts due to the temperature change during the switch from cool winter temperatures to warm summer temperatures.


Another major issue is moisture - it will destroy the table and make the wood have a sticky residue or even fall off.

Waterproof table covers do not work well for this reason. Also, if you don’t use a cover, rain can make contact with the wood and rot it. 

Moisture and heat eventually ruin most pool tables that are placed outdoors. The cloth, the wood and the cushions will be the most affected parts.

Hard to Move

Another problem is that pool tables are hard to move.

Indoor pool tables need to be leveled every time they are moved. Wind, storms, or even snow could make it very difficult to keep the table level.

If moved too many times, it will wear out and can no longer be leveled. 

They are also very heavy and you would most likely need assistance to move it; this would be hard to keep up on a day to day basis.

Outdoor Pool Tables

With all of this said, there is a solution.

There exist specialized outdoor pool tables that are meant to survive harsh outdoor conditions. They are normally made out of aluminum and moisture proof material.

Now, you could make your own outdoor pool table using professional tools (more information about one such cutting tool), but I would strongly suggest buying.


The answer for the question 'can you waterproof a pool table?' is no. As mentioned above though, there is a great way to get around it; you just need to buy a specially made pool table designed for the outdoors. 

They might cost a bit more, but they will last you many years if properly cared for.

You can see some great pool table options right here.

Good luck with your pool table adventures!

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May 05, 2018

Best One-Handed Bar Clamps

One-handed bar clamps are ideal for a wide range of clamping and spreading tasks when you are gluing as well as sawing, drilling, etc.

You probably already know about the most accurate wood cutting solutions (see Carve Your Creation), but what are the best one-handed bar clamps available on the market today?

We go over some of the best brands below:


Jorgensen bar clamps have been on the market for a long time.

The company is proud of its unique product line that uses steel instead of plastic imported clamps.

Advantages of Jorgensen bar clamps compared to others are:
  • Steel comes with rubber edges, so when you are clamping down a delicate piece of wood, the bar clamps are not going to damage the grain.
  • Rounded wooden handles make it easy to tighten and loosen the clamps.
  • The steel construction is built to last.
Irwin Tools

Irwin one-handed bar clamps are designed for a wider range of uses compared to others: spreaders and mini bar clamps, medium duty clamps, micro bar clamps, heavy duty clamps and so on.

Here's a video about the Quick-Grip XP bar clamp by Irwin:

Different Irwin one-handed bar clamps have different features.

Some of them are of high quality with unique gripping designs, while others focus on heavy work and sustainability.

Irwin leaves the choice of the bar clamp up to you while offering a wide range of products that are specialized for different skillsets.


Bessey’s one-handed bar clamps come with a unique design and are available in different sizes.

While most other bar clamps look similar in design, these one-handed bar clamps are made to be able to spread as efficiently as clamping. The design is truly unique as a result.

Bessey is also proud of the technological advancement of their clamps, which have:
  • A very sophisticated technology that makes possible single-hand clamping and spreading of workpieces with up to 445 lbs of clamping force.
  • An intelligent release button.
  • Quick and strong spreading and clamping.
These clamps are made of a two-component plastic. An 18-inch Bessey one-handed bar clamp weighs only about 2 pounds.

Browse the best one-handed bar clamps at great prices here.


These are three quality one-handed bar clamp manufacturers, and you can't go wrong with them. They offer a range of options and unique features for customers to get the most out of their purchase.

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