August 11, 2018

Drywall Sticking Out Past Door Jamb - Causes & Solutions

Drywall is a more common technique for the construction of interior walls and ceilings as compared to the traditional lath and plaster. It is becoming prevalent in Europe and the United States as it is less time consuming and easier to install.

Drywall Sticks Out Past Door Jamb 1

Drywall is basically a sheet of gypsum of the proper thickness that is added to the frame with the help of nails.

However, a fairly common problem with drywall installation is that it sticks out past the door jamb and the windows.


This is usually because of the neglect of the carpenter to make proper calculations based on the thickness of the drywall to measure the width at which the door jamb should be placed.

This drywall sticking out looks rather odd and ruins the effect of a newly constructed home.

Another reason for the drywall sticking out would be the removal of a wooden panel that surrounded the door or the window at the time of the drywall installation. During renovation or at any time later, you thought of removing it causing the drywall to stick out of the door jamb and window.


Drywall and Window 2

There are various tips and tricks with which you can eliminate or effectively create the illusion of it not sticking out.


The first and the most common one is the scraping of the excess drywall sticking out.

You may scrape out a few layers of it as long as it is in alignment with the door jamb. The scraped out portion can either be covered with a plaster, or a cast can be placed above it and around the door to give it a decorative effect.

Framing Around

If you do not want to scrape out the drywall, another common method of covering it is building a frame for around the door. It might be a wooden frame or even something made out of Plaster of Paris.

It covers the stuck out drywall and at the same time makes the door aesthetically pleasing.

It's not unheard of to have drywall sticking out past a door jamb, and it's also not particularly difficult to fix. You can simply use one of the strategies above.

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