April 22, 2018

How To Cut A 65 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw - Simple Steps

When you are trying to cut an angle that is more or less than the swing provided in the miter saw, it’s important to be focused.

Most saws will have their measurements going beyond 50 degrees, while other stop at values less than 50. Hence the challenge of getting it right can only be countered by creating a fence that marks the temporary line.

To both the experienced and starters in the carpentry industry, calculation when getting specific angle cuts away from 90 degrees can be a challenge. This is a short article that describes how to cut a 65 degree angle with a miter saw.

The Approach

To avoid the confusion that can come with operating a miter saw, never focus on the dimension it comes with it since the full design is not meant for carpentry finishing.

When looking for a perfect cut of a 65 degree angle with a miter saw, consider the difference between 90 and 65. Since most of the miter saw is designed with a standard set of 90 degrees, getting 65 straight from the measurement will be a problem.

To make your work easier, note that angles that are off 90 degrees from the miter saw can always be broken down into two.

This video illustrates a trick you can use to cut more degrees on your miter saw:


The Steps To Achieving The Angle

Taking the measurements from the given default measurement of 90 degrees, get the measurement of the part that should be eliminated to remain with 65 degrees.

Mark the measurements and the points that you in intend to cut, then set if off the measurement.

What remains after the whole process of eliminating 25 degrees from the main board is the solution - it leaves behind the intended 65 degrees to help solve the problem.

The process will require you to provide the needed support for the board you are cutting due to the perpendicular position to the saw fence. The best way to have this done is to clamp the board so that it doesn’t move, and then let your figures guide you.

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